Discover your Irish roots with a virtual Family event

Bring your Ancestry to life with our expert guides from the comfort of your own home. Get all the family together for this virtual family event.

man standing near cliff looking at body of water during daytime
man standing near cliff looking at body of water during daytime

First of all

Tailor-Made Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours are personalised to your ancestry and heritage, providing a unique and memorable experience for you and your family to connect with your roots.

Gather all your family virtually around the TV, Laptop, Tablet or even the Mobile phone and share this unique and memorable family experience together

How it works

Book your Paddy Ancestry Event and tell us about your Irish family history

Our expert guides will put together a great presentation specific to your Irish family history

Next we agree on a time and date to show you and your family all about your unique Irish story

We'll send you a unique link for your family event....gather the family around enjoy

This is an interactive and fun and a great way to get all the family together for a great evening

Not to mention

Expert Guides

Our team of expert guides have travelled the length and breadth of Ireland and are experts in all things Irish. Our Paddy Ancestry Guides are hand picked combining history, culture and tradition together and have proven skills in communicating that to a wider audience. Put those talents together and you have a family event like no other.

people standing on shore during golden hour
people standing on shore during golden hour

And let's not forget

All from the comfort of home

Virtually transport your parents in Boston, brother in LA, cousins in London and daughter in Australia to Ireland gathering everyone virtually together in this one off personalised family event.

Someone can't make it? Don't worry, we record it for you to share with family or simply rewatch time and again.


Tell us what you know about your family and we'll do the rest!

We are not genealogists, we are simply expert guides who have toured Ireland extensively. We need you to tell us any details you know about your Irish family history.

  • When they left Ireland

  • Where they were from

  • What they did etc

Whatever information you have, no matter how light or detailed - we can put it all into context, what was happening around that time in Ireland, what might have happened to them to make them want or have to leave Ireland. What their town was and is now like, any interesting facts etc. In short, we bring your Irish ancestry to life!!!

Heres Ronan, founder of Paddy Ancestry, with one of his touring vehicles

person using MacBook Pro
person using MacBook Pro

What we do for every Paddy Ancestry virtual tour

We put it all together

What we do is take all the information you give us, no matter how detailed or not. Perhaps you have an area they came from and a rough departure time. Don't worry, we put all the information together and using our knowledge and skills develop a presentation event for you that takes in your Irish story.

Once we all agree on a presentation date to suit your family, our expert guides will send you a link to meet our guide and using the aid of Google Maps/Google Earth and other great programs, we take you on a virtual private tour of the towns, villages and areas where you come from with a special emphasis on what history and attractions lie in those areas.

Paddy Ancestry is dedicated to providing a personalised virtual tour service for those retracing their ancestry. Our hand picked team of expert guides are passionate about uncovering family history and creating memorable experiences for clients.

Connect with Your Roots Today with Paddy Ancestry.

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